Checklist For Planning Your Wedding

It needs time for a proper planning of a wedding to make it stress free, enjoyable and within budget. Hence you should avoid committing mistakes in hurry and start planning in cool head and mind. Here is a short guide to help you with your wedding planning.

1. There are many things to start a wedding plan, read the magazines, and search on the internet and start follow the blogs for cheap and best decorations. Also, you can look for affordable party invitations services.

2. At first you have to decide your budget, and then you can make a proper plan. Because it is not a good idea to spend all the savings in a day just to please some people, you need to be careful about spending. You can ask for contributions from your family member also which will help you to save some money.

3. Based on your budget start counting the people who will come to your party. Do not count the people whom you meet at the last seminar and build a friendship; office colleagues, friends and family members should get the preferences. Reducing the number of unwanted people will help you save a huge amount. After deciding on the number of invitees you can contact with a party invitations service for wedding invitation.

4. If you have a good budget, then hire a commercial wedding planner who will take all responsibilities of your wedding. And you do not have to worry about anything; you just have to pay the money.

5. In peak seasons the demand for venues remains high. So, if you are thinking to arrange the party this time you have to book the venue several months earlier to get that place. Or you can book that in off-seasons and you will get higher discount.6. When you are hiring a wedding planner also think of hiring a florist, photographer, band and caterer, who are also important parts of the wedding.

7. If you have higher budget, then you can throw an engagement party a few months before your wedding and call the guests in your wedding party also.

8. With photographers also call videographer who will record all the moments of your wedding because this is going to be a great event of your life, hence it should be framed. If you want to entertain the guests with live performances, then also book a good band that will perform at your wedding.

9. Most of the venues do not provide their own catering services, so you have to hire them from somewhere else. But food is the main part which people will remember after your wedding so it must be of superior quality. Meet the caterers and if possible taste their food quality or get a list of their previous customers and consult with them.

By June 2, 2016.    Arts & Design